To select the correct, necessary and especially reasonable trainings can be hard. Therfore we support you by slecting and individially modulate the trainings together with you. To achieve the best solution we look at your working environment and your requirements. We provide you with a comprehensive training concept to meet the legal requirements.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.


Orgnaisation of trainings

You compiled the training concept for your employees on your own or with our support, and now you need some help with the realization? No Problem we would like to support you. We organise the trainings for you and your employees regarding existing qualifications and your needs. For the planning we like to consider your individual demands, training of larger groups or single employees are possible. The realisation of the trainings will be planned together with you, we will watch the legal requirements and deadline, so that your employees have valid certificates and are fit for service anytime.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.

Medical examinations

Do your employees need medical examinations in addition to the trainings we can offer? We like to convey you the appointments you need. In cooperation with an occupational health clinic we can offer you the necessary examinations, fitness for working at heights (G 41), offshore fitness (DGMM/ AWMF), respiratory protection (G 26) or others. The appointments can be coordinated with the trainings of your employees at our facilities.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.


Choosing equipment for medical emergencies or technical rescue can be difficult. You have to ponder pros and cons and keep the focus on necessary functions. The goal should be to provide your employees with equipment that are besides the functionality and economic reasons accepted and usable. We and our experts like to support you in choosing the best equipment regarding your needs and existing equipment.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED) instruction

Even if an automated external defibrillator (AED) is constructed for the use everybody it makes sense to instruct your employees on how to use the AED. Thereby the acceptance can be enhanced and restraints in using an AED can be reduced. We like to train your employees in using existing equipment or support you if you need new equipment. Therefore we can offer different training devices.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.


The German Statutory Accident Insurance Associaton (DGUV) recommends the use of pharmaceuticals for technicians in the offshore wind industry. The reason for this recommendation is the extended period of time until professional medical personal is available on site. Looking at the situation of onshore wind turbines the extended period of first aid can be expected. If you have any questions about the use of pharmaceuticals by first aider or are you planning the implementation of pharmaceuticals we like to support your project. The selection of suitable pharmaceuticals and the compilation of the operating procedures will be carried out in close cooperation with your occupational medical physician.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Especially in implementation of advanced first aid measures and the application of pharmaceuticals it is important to provide your employees with procedures that are legally safe for everybody. Therefore we developed Standard Operating Procedures – SOPs together with physicians, pharmacologists and legal practitioners to ensure the legal certainty. Thereby it is possible that an injured person is getting the necessary help and the first aider is safe in conduct this help without the fear of negative consequences for himself.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.


Inspection of personal protective equipment against fall (PSAgA) according to DGUV 312-906

Personal protectiv equipment (PPE) against fall has to be inspected by a competent person at least on a yearly basis or if needed. We like to do these inspections for you. Our employees are competent persons according to DGUC 3112-906, they inspect all parts of the PPE regarding their integrity and usability. The inspection can take place during your training, so you do not have to send the equipment to us. Besides the valid certificate your employees have inspected PPE available.

If you need our support or further information please contact us.



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