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GWO First Aid

Technicians of the on- and offshore should have a distinct awareness for their special wor environment and should be trained for it. Within this training we qualify the participants according to the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) standards for first aid. They gain the confidence to help safely and targeted in an emergency.


  • Legislation
  • Anatomy
  • Management of an accident
  • Lifesaving first aid
  • Use of an Autamated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Ordinary first aid and use of first aid equipment (using splints for fractures, immobilisation)
  • Scenario based trainig in a realistic environment


Basic: 16 h Refresher: 8 h


  • Company first aid according to DGUV 304-001 
  • DGUV First Aid Offshore


Company first aider according to DGUV 304-001

Every company, service provider, crafts enterprises or industry has to ensure the first aid for their employees. Besides this legal requirement it makes sense to train the employees for the specific conditions of the company. First aid bridges the gap until professional help can be provided and enhances the safety of all employees.


  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Safeguard the scene of an accident
  • Emergencycall
  • Recovery postion
  • Taking off a helmet
  • Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Bandages, compression bandage
  • Scenario-based trainings


Basic/ Refresher: 9 lessons (à 45 minutes)


  • GWO First Aid (Link zum Kursmodul)
  • DGUV First Aid Offshore (Link zum Kursmodul)



DGUV First Aid Offshore

First aid offshore has special demands regarding the skills and equipment of the firs aiders. The participants are trained according to the recommendation of the German Statutory Accident Insurance Associaton (DGUV), updated December 2016. Through this training the participants gain the necessary skills to provide advanced first aid and bridge the gap until professional first aid can be provided.


  • General first aid
  • Medical emergencies in the offshore wind environment
  • Practice in bag-mask abd mouth-mask resusciation
  • Practice in placing the laryngeal tupe
  • Immobilise bone fractures and joint injuries
  • Treat life-threatening bleedings
  • Bandages, compression bandage
  • Eye injuries
  • Pain management
  • Preparation and application of pain medication
  • Teleconsultation


Basic: 20 lessons (à 45 minutes) Refresher: 8 lessons (à 45 minutes)

Requirement: Basic or refresher training for company first aiders within the last 6 months.


  • GWO First Aid (Link zum Kursmodul)
  • Company first aid according to DGUV 304-001 (Link zum Kursmodul)



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